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The Scoop on the Cisco 306 Low Resistance (LR) Atomizers

What you should know:

• When using a new Low Resistance atomizer for the first time, it is important to prime the atomizer properly. Cisco LR atomizers come with NO PRIMER, therefore special care must be taken. Priming is done by dripping 4 to 5 drops directly onto the atomizer coil, waiting about 60 seconds, then dripping another 1 to 2 drops. After this is done, you are ready to take your first drag. Do not press the button before this point.

• These atomizers come with no primer  a) So you don't have to clean it out and b) because some people are sensitive to primer.

 • As with all LR atomizers, do not use with any batteries rated higher than 3.7v.

• LR atomizers must not be “dry burned” to be cleaned. This will damage the atomizer. Instead, soak in grain alcohol if cleaning is absolutely necessary. Alternatively, try blowing out excess e-liquid from the bottom into a napkin.

• LR atomizers must be kept wet at all times. The moment you detect that your e-liquid is almost finished, drip at least 2 more drops.
• These atomizer are designed for short hard draws, Taking long soft pulls could cause the atomizer to dry out and give off a burnt taste.

• The LR 306 atomizer shares the same threading with the 510. It will fit on any device a 510 atomizer will fit on.

• Do not use any low resistance atomizer with batteries rated less than 2Amp output. Not only will it will damage a “standard” e-cig battery and potentially damage most eGo style batteries and you will not get the most out of low resistance.

• These atomizers can take 24-48 hours to fully break in, depending on how often you vape. It is not uncommon to feed these atomizers up to 1ml of liquid within the first hour of usage during the break in period. The amount of liquid needed will decline after the initial 24-48 hour period. Some leaking from the bottom of the atomizer may occur during this period.

-> Enjoy this atomizer. With a drip tip, many find it to be their most enjoyable vaping experience to date.