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eGo Crystal Vision Cartomizer

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your new eGo Crystal Vision Cartomizer! First of all, they’re very easy to use and fill! Simply unscrew the mouthpiece a few times, then just pull it off the cartomizer completely.

When you look down, you’ll see what looks like a little white plastic ‘disk’ in there, with a small metal tube in the middle. To fill the Vision tank, I find it’s easiest to hold the cartomizer on a 45 degree angle and, avoiding the metal tube, pour your liquid in on either side of it! Fill it to just below the two wicks you see sticking out of both sides, near the top of the tank.

Then, simply push the mouthpiece back on there and screw it into place!

Holding it on it’s side, ‘roll’ it around a few times, making sure that those two wicks are saturated, and you’re ready to go! If you start to get a bit of a dry or burning taste, make sure those wicks are wet, but, I’ve found that if you fill them too high, it will act like it’s flooded, and you’ll get a decrease in vapour production.

When you’re not vaping with it, I find that it’s easiest to just keep it upright. Otherwise, because it’s not an airtight seal in there, you may get a bit of leakage from the mouthpiece end if it’s stored upside down.