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Bloog MAxXFusion

Because the Bloog batteries are automatic, and not sealed, they can be damaged/killed if liquid gets into them. So, when filling your cartos, be sure to disconnect it from the battery. Fill from your bottle, with the carto on a 45 degree angle. Drip into the carto, slowly turning it as you add drops (like you're pouring a beer but drop by drop, allowing the liquid to soak into the filler before beginning the next drop). You do not want the liquid to go down the centre tube.

When you are finished filling (approximately 30 drops on a new, dry carto, until it is almost fully saturated), replace the mouthpiece and gently blow through the carto (from the mouth end) a couple of times into a paper towel, to make sure liquid isn't coming out of the threaded end, and then wipe it dry before connecting it. This advice is recommended when topping off a carto as well but it will allow fewer drops.

Monitor the flavour. When it gets weak, it's time to add more liquid. If, after filling, there is an off taste, it's probably time to toss the carto.

This video (created for us by bornagainst from the ECF forum) shows some of the
most popular filling methods for cartos:

Once your cartos are filled, store them with the plastic condoms on when not attached to the battery. We hear from fellow vapers that the cartomizers can be refilled many times (3 - 10, give or take...). As long as the flavour tastes clean, you're good! If it starts tasting different than it normally does (not in a good way), it's time to switch to a new one.

When replacing your endcap, try not to push it in too far. If you do, you will need a paper clip or similar item in order to remove it the next time you want to refill. If you only push it in until the second line on the cap, you should be able to remove it easily with your fingers when needed.