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Mixing Tips & Tricks

We generally recommend the following guidelines, when getting started with mixing your own e-liquids.

While many mixers use 100% Propylene Glycol/Flavourless e-liquid (PG) as their base, many other choose to create their base with both PG and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), at about 70-80% PG/flavourless to 20-30% VG. 

PG has a great viscosity but lower vapour production (and it has gone through lots of good studies for its relative safety for inhalation).

VG adds copious amounts of vapour and reduces throat hit.  It is also very thick, so if you use too much you will need to add some distilled water or, even better, high proof alcohol to thin it out. Many find that VG is somewhat sweeter. 

If you need more throat hit, reduce the VG level (or, even go straight PG, which is what most manufacturers do).  If you don't care as much about the throat hit as the vapour production, go high on the VG (like 30%).

Once you've created your base, we suggest starting with 90-95% base and 5-10% flavour (work on 1-3ml to start, maybe even nicless, so you don't throw away expensive nic juice on bad batches), mix it up and vape.  If it is weak, add more flavour and try again.  Repeat until desired flavour is reached.  Try and keep track of numbers of drops of each ingredient, so once you find the "perfect" mix for you, you can create a larger batch. It is also worthwhile to note that often, your creations will need to steep for a while before their natural tastes are evident. 

Here's a link to a cool little calculator that will help you with some of the calculations and you
can keep track of your recipes and learn from others' too:

There are some really concentrated flavours like the FlavourArt tobaccos and Vape Wizard and the Capella Vanilla Custard.  For those ones, it is recommended to start with 1% (like 1 drop in a 6-10ml mix)
and increase by 1 drop at a time, until you reach the desired flavour.

You can also find lots of information in the DIY sections of ECF and VapersForum, here:

Hope that's helpful!

Happy Mixing & Vaping!