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Why doesn`t Happy Vaper sell Nicotine?

With respect to nicotine and why we don't sell it, here's the scoop:

It is Happy Vaper's mission to provide quality products, great prices and outstanding customer service to Canadian vapers (this includes being around to support them in the long run).  In order to do this, we had to make a decision about how to proceed after Health Canada came out with their position on e-cigs in March 2009.  In a nutshell, they deemed e-liquid containing nicotine to be a new drug that needs to undergo testing, approval and licensing.  None of the e-liquid manufacturers have done this.  They also added that if the devices are intended to be used with nicotine, they become classified as medical devices that also need to undergo testing, approval and licensing. Also, no manufacturers have stepped up to the plate.

So, in order to attempt to continue to deliver our products to Canadians over the long term, we make them available for use with no-nic e-liquids, and offer a good shop for DIY supplies.

While some of us, as individual vapers, choose to use it for personal reasons despite the fact that it is not approved by Health Canada, Happy Vaper does not recommend the use of nicotine with your device, and we do not sell our products for the purpose of being used with nicotine.

Liquids containing nicotine can be found, with some digging, but respectfully, we are not the people to provide that information. We hope you can unde
rstand our position in this matter.