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Tips and Tricks for the Happy eGo-C kit

The Happy eGo-C kit is quite a bit different than the originals, but, we think, improvement for the better! First things first, despite the rough translation, the Instruction Manual is pretty good and is definitely worth the read!

The Ego-C batteries are equipped with a safety '5 click' system. To turn the battery on, hit the button, quickly, 5 times in a row. You will then see it flash 3 times, indicating that it's ready to use! To turn it off, if you're going to be putting it in your purse or pocket, just click it an additional 5 times, and you don't have to worry about accidental activation!

In keeping with the new and exciting improvements to our long standing favourite, the Happy eGo C's button now changes colour! When it's between 50-100% charged, it will be white, (just like the older ones), but, when it drops below 50%, the light will turn to a Sky Blue! When it drops below 20%, it becomes a darker blue, and it's time to find a charger!

When you unpack your new Happy eGo-C, you will notice that there is an additional 'ring'. This is the Atomizer base. To use it, screw it onto the battery. After doing so, you can unscrew the cone.

Then, take one of the atomizer heads out of the black blister pack, which you will find under the black tray of your new kit. There will be five in the package.

After removing it from the packaging, just place it, centered, onto the atomizer base! Press down lightly to ensure that it's seated snugly, but you don't have to force it down or screw it in, it just rests on top of the base.

Next, you'll want to remove one of the clear, plastic tanks. The preferred method to fill these is by syringe, through the small hole you'll see at the bottom of the flat end. If you don't have a syringe kit, that's okay too!

You'll notice a small hinge and you can pop that end open to fill.  Using something sturdy, like a pair of tweezers, insert it into the hole and pop it open.

Fill the tank to approximately the 3/4 mark, you want to leave some 'breathing room' in there!

I've found the easiest way to assemble the Happy eGo C from here, is to screw on the atomizer cone, over the exposed atomizer head. Then, take the filled tank and press it through the top, until it meets the atomizer head. The hole in the bottom of the tank will go right over the head, so that it's actually inside the tank when you're finished!

If done correctly, you will hear a small 'click' sound! To make sure it's seated properly, the best way seems to be to run your finger along the upper edge of the cone and the tank. If there's ANY sort of gap there, the tank isn't on properly. The two should sit flush against each other.

Once it's on, holding the cone in place, you can twist the tank around to ensure that the flat tip on the mouthpiece is in the right position for you to vape with it comfortably!

To change flavours, you have two choices. If they're of a similar nature, you could always use the same atomizer head and to remove the tank, merely grasp it and pull it back off. Fill a new tank with the flavour of your choice, using the fill methods listed above, and push it back down!

Personally, I prefer to use one head per flavour. So, when I swap them out, first, I pull off the tank, then I unscrew the cone and remove the atomizer head. To make sure that I remember which one is which, I just push the atomizer head back into the tank I'm using for that flavour and store them together! No leaks and no mess!