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Direct Dripping

Direct dripping:  This is an easy way to get a consistent, enjoyable vape. It refers to dripping e-liquid directly onto an atomizer bridge or coil. Drip 2-3 drops into the atomizer and wait a few seconds for the coil to accept the liquid, add another 2-3 drops and fire up your PV.

Direct dripping is widely done using a drip tip - basically a mouthpiece with an opening large enough to allow you to add liquid through it. With a drip tip, you have the added convenience of not having to remove and replace your mouthpiece each time you need to add liquid.

Some people find the prospect of having to add liquid to the atomizer on a regular basis, inconvenient.  Most drippers would agree that it is no more daunting than lighting each cigarette that we smoked.

If you find that the methods above do not suit your needs, you may find a solution in cartomizers or tank type systems like DCT's or The Happy eGo-C/Happy eGo-C Conversion Kit.  Please feel free to contact us for help with a recommendation.