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Redds Kit Tips and Tricks

When you receive your Redds kit, the batteries are already partially charged, so I've found the best thing to do after setting up your first Redds, is to start charging the second in the PCC.

When you first open your PCC (the cigarette-style case) and look down, you'll see five holes. The first three, (going from left to right), you'll notice are shallow. These are where you can store your capped carto's, when not in use. The fourth hole is where you can keep your 2nd fully assembled Redds ecig.

But, make sure it's assembled first before dropping it in there, battery and cart together! Otherwise, it's a bit deep and you'll have to fish the battery out!

The last slot, on the far right, is where you screw the battery in to be charged. To begin charging it, screw the battery in, press and hold the silver button on the front of the PCC down for 5 seconds. When you hit the silver button, you'll see the bright, blue light come on and when it's held down for 5 seconds, it will flash a number of times and then turn red when it starts to charge the battery.

You will also see the tip of the ecig light up when charging begins. All lights on the front of the PCC will then turn off. As long as the ecig battery is still charging, when you open the lid, you will see that the tip is still red! When charging is complete, the red tip of the ecig will be off.

To charge the PCC, plug the USB cable into the Wall adaptor (which should be plugged into an electrical outlet) and then into the mini-USB port on the PCC itself. It will automatically begin to charge.

To see the amount of charge left of the PCC itself, you can hit that silver button on the front of the case and you will see a black bar on a red background. If the black bar is full, so is the charge on your PCC!

To fill the Redds cartomizers, you can use the same technique you would to fill any carto, after pushing them through the back of the foil wrapping, taking the plastic condoms off the carto and removing the round, red rubber ring from the mouth end.

If you'd like, you can try a newer method to fill them, that's VERY easy and quick, passed on by the creator of the Redds kit himself!

With both end caps and the red mouthpiece still off, put what's referred to as the 'butt plug' half of the end caps BACK on the base of the carto, where you'll see the threads. Make sure that the little 'tail' in there goes back up the hole.

Then, take the other half of the semi-clear plastic end cap and fill THAT up with your preferred liquid, to approximately the 3/4 mark. Put the filled end cap down on a flat surface.

Then, take the cartomizer, with the end cap still attached to the bottom and turn it upside down, so the open end is facing down.

Push it down approximately 2-3 mm, so there's still room between the edge of the carto and the top of your liquid.

Then, simply flip it over quickly! Wait until you see the liquid in the end cap flow into the cartomizer and then you can remove the plastic end cap.

You will see the liquid being absorbed into the filler, and will probably see a few bubbles as it goes down. When all the liquid is off the top of the filler material, and the hole looks clear, you can remove the bottom end cap.

Using a piece of tissue or paper towel, wipe off the outside of the carto and, you'll notice that the bottom is dry! The little 'tail' in the endcap itself will block the liquid from going down the center tube!

Put the red mouthpiece back onto the carto, not pushing down TOO hard, or you'll need to use something like a paperclip to fish it back up again the next time you refill, and you're ready to vape!

When topping it off, you should only be dripping between 5-10 drops into the end cap, but you can certainly continue to top up using this method! I've found it easier, quicker and CLEANER than using traditional methods to fill!

The Redds batteries are automatic, so you have to be very careful not to get any excess liquid in there as it can damage or even destroy it! However, due to newer technology, the air hole in the Redds is actually on the side of the battery, in the threads, so they're a bit more forgiving than regular auto batteries, but please continue to exercise caution!