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Large KR808D-1 Personal Charging Case

The case usually comes fully charged so when you plug the mini-USB cable into the mini-USB port on the right end of the charger, press the button to the right of the LED's. You should see 4 blue led's come on to indicate that it is charged. If all the lights don't come on and you see one of them blinking, this indicates that the PCC itself is charging.

Don't worry. You can charge your batteries while the PCC is plugged in and charging. That's the way I use mine, unless I am going out for an extended period. This ensures that when you do need the PCC to charge a battery or two on the fly, it will always be fully-charged.

To charge your batteries, just screw the batt into one of the connectors (they will raise to a 45 degree angle to make it easier to insert the batt). Then press and hold the button for 5 seconds till the 2 led's on the right start to blink. The PCC will recognize the depleted battery and the LED for that connector will turn from blue to red. The LED on the end of the Battery will turn on and will continue to glow until the battery is fully charged. Also, the top light on the left will begin to flash to let you know that the PCC is charging at the same time.

The PCC will charge 2 batteries at the same time and can be used with any size BMF battery (65mm, 78mm, or 102mm). My experience is that it will charge 2 102mm batts only once before it's own charge is mostly depleted and it needs to be charged again.