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Vivi Nova

The Vivi Nova is a very popular tank system due to its ease of use, the ability to change heads quickly and easily as well as the great vapour and flavour it produces.

To fill the Vivi Nova, just unscrew the top cap and drip your juice down the side of the the tank. Fill to just above the 2.5 ml line on the tank. Try to avoid dripping down the centre post. Screw your top cap back on, add a drip tip and vape! Pure joy!!

To change the head, unscrew the top cap. Drain any liquid. Remove the base of the tank.
The head is located at the top of the centre post, which is attached to the tank base. Gently hold the lower half of the post and twist the top piece counter-clockwise to unscrew.
Unpack your new head ( the resistance will be printed just above the flange and threading). Screw it on the top of the centre post.
Screw tank onto base and fill with e-liquid. Screw the  top cap onto the tank. Add drip tip, connect to your PV and Vape!